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Vestido de Noiva
Vestido de Noiva / Wedding Dress
Theatre Set Design, 2013

Architecture and Scenography Post Graduation Final Term Project
UniRitter Laureate International Universities
Vestido de Noiva (Wedding Dress) is one of the most iconic brazilian play in our theatre history. Written in 1942 by Nelson Rodrigues, the play is set in three different narrative times: reality, memory and hallucination - while persuing the same path: the main character's death (Alaíde). For it's tricky storyline and oscilation between narrative times, it was a big challenge creating a set design that would picture everything without compromising the story.
Trying to solve this issue, I came up with a doll house concept and a color code and moving pannels for the change of times. I created a strucuture shape that would work for performing the multiple actions that happen simultaneosly and at different narrative times.
The differentiation would be visible through the back pannels and the color code: Hallucination is mainly guided by red tons and a cabaret inspired look; Memory is blue and decorated as a classic middle class house; And for the final act - when all three times collide into reality - red and blue come togheter to create purple and the pannel shape is designed to remind church vitrals and shatterred glass as well, for the play's shocking ending.
I'm very fond of this design concept, after all, the play reminded me of my own doll playing stories and how everything allways comes up to be a big soap opera drama. As this was an academic project, every student could be it's own director, so I really intended this play to take a next step into surrealism and make it all look like a children's playtime and actually having the 'reality' scenes played by a girl with a small scale replica of the set structure. Also making the model was very fun and a great learning experience :)

Vestido de Noiva / Wedding Dress
Set design, 2013
UniRitter's Architecture and Scenography Post Graduation final term project
Set designer: Ana Gusson
Vestido de Noiva

Vestido de Noiva

Set Design for Theatre play 'Vestido de Noiva(Wedding Dress)"