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    Color Calendar created of transparent plastic.
Color Calendar
Client: VS Energy International Ukraine
Agency: Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak
Art director, designer: Yurko Gutsulyak 
The calendar is entirely made of transparent plastic using a silk-screen print - 12 color + silver. 
Text on the cover:
The world around us is full of colors and each color in this world emits the energy inherent only to it. The combinations of colors create harmony. We regard Business As Art of searching for proper color combinations and making the proper world out of them. 
In designing the calendar it was necessary to focus on the topic of energy, which is embedded in the company name and logo, as well as to use the current slogan «Business As Art». I proposed the idea of «color calendar» where each page is dedicated to a specific color and its energy. Exactly this idea allows revealing and explaining the symbiosis of Energy, Business and Art. 
It should be noted that the idea is not new and similar works can be found in the portfolios of many designers. Therefore it was important to find a fundamentally new way of realization this idea to make this calendar unique, special.  
In the process of turning the pages bright colorful ornaments are formed. They were created by applying the design motifs of Ukrainian decorative art.