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    100 eco-ideas
100 Eco Ideas
Illustrated booklet in Love Earth

One hundred drawings
for the inner booklet of Love Earth
The Book
100 Eco Designs
100 Eco Ideas
N°13 - Restrict working hours to reduce road traffic
and increase leisure hours for individuals.
N°5 - Advise every living things to fart less.
N°16 - Remind plastic bag users of what plastic bags means
to the earth with a ball and chain.
N°24 - Cover city surfaces with green plants to keep
the city and interiors cool.
N°28 - Use electronic money or e-banking to reduce the demand
for bank notes and coins.
N°33 - Offer smaller plates at buffets since people tend to belief
they have a greater appetite than they do. 
N°43 - Practice washing in half a centimeter in the sink.
N°51 - Stop throwing cigarettes butts on the street.
N°69 - Wear long sleeves and cap to reduce the need of sun-block.
N°84 - Get hamsters to power things.
~ About the book ~

Love Earth
100 Eco Ideas + 100 Eco Designs
Edited by Victionary

Practicality does not necessarily strip off pleasure – the creative use of recycled and sustainable resources can effectively attract attention and draw a more positive response to the global environmental campaign!

Responsibly compiled with unique covers upcycled from the printing remnants of the book itself, Love Earth is an eco-friendly edition produced in honour of the very bold eager beavers who have always been taking the lead to rummage other people’s trash and experiment with materials and resources that we have overlooked the whole time. Bound in two separate parts, the showcase features 100 quotidian eco-ideas supplied from around the world and 100 fashion-forward graphic, product and architectural design that values sustainability as much as aesthetics in every day life. 

Special thanks are given to FUNNY FUN with GUILLAUME from Berlin for reinterpreting the wonderful eco-ideas with his endearing illustrations and handwritings.