Vénusz Baking Margarine’s main benefit is that it is easy to knead, even immediately after taken out of the fridge.  
What is it good for?
We thought: easy to knead margarine makes up sweets that cause people “easy to knead”. 
The cookies made with this ingredient make  people feel the gratefulness, the apology or the begging of the person who created them. This is what we express with the words, with a letter substituted with a piece pastry.
Client: Bunge Zrt.
Agency: Isobar Budapest
Chief Art Director: Dániel Deme
Art Director: Korinna Tánczos
Lead Copywriter: Péter Zsembery
Copywriter: Orsolya Szládovics
Agency Producer: Kata Bányász
Photography: Lőrincz Szendeff
Account Director: Zita Fábián
Account Manager: Szonja Németh
Account Executive: Jennifer Kertész