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    Rebranding children's day nursery Elephant Moon to give it a bold, vibrant and contemporary edge over its competitors.
Branding | Design | Illustration | Web Design | Art Direction
Elephant Moon Day Nurseries are a small independently run child care provider who was looking for a new brand to represent their modern and vibrant business. With a keen eye for aesthetics, they were keen to showcase a fresh approach to nurseries.
CellarDoor wanted to use this opportunity to challenge the nursery industry and demonstrate that just because you are aimed at children, doesn't mean it has to be childish. 
A brochure and application form were created for the nursery to showcase the facilities and capture new parents interest. Each page and spread was treated like a new environment or space to explore. 
The spreads are designed to be informative to parents but also exciting and engaging for the children.
A series of animals were illustrated to populate the vibrant environments and bring life and friendship to the business.
The website brings the environments to life with vivid colours and animated animals. 
The navigation centres around the moon which lives over the page proudly in the centre of the screen.
Each page has its own background and so every click feels like a new adventure.  
Please visit the website: