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    Opel Dakar Team livery proposal
In the middle of 2014 I have been contacted by the Opel Dakar Team in Hungary and asked to design their Opel Mokka's livery for the new season.
I have created several options from which I share the one selected for further amendments. The model was recreated in Inkscape, a vector drawing software and has been modified in it using one layer for the livery.
This is the first time I dealt with a real race car livery and the Team's feedback was always positive.
I've enjoyed the project very much!
An early concept, not developed further.
Models were drawn based on photographs of the actual race car
The side view provides more details on how the real car would have looked like
Due to certain changes, my design had not been made onto the car and the livery design was solved in-house. You can check the final livery here.
I am more than pleased to welcome your opinion!