Journalism - Advertising. Brazil, 2010
'Journalism' is an advertising piece to promote the releasing of the journalism graduation course of ESPM-Sul.
The video is divided in two times. First in 1970's, a local newspaper office in wich we see a very bored journalist working. Then it jumps to current times, showing the new technologies and modern structures that the college offers.
Shot in location, the production design process for the first t part of the video consisted in historical research of the local 70's journalism scene, including costumes; Followed by objects, props production and costumes making. The goal was to achieve a very boring and flat look for the office and, with very little budget - we achieved it. By the use of flat cold pastel colors and textures that are related to dated times, representing the boredom of the enviroment and yet looking nice.
Early concept drawing
Moodboard and Color palette
Making of
Location ground plan
Movie still
Journalism - Advertising. Brazil, 2010.
Co.De Áudio e Vídeo ESPM-Sul
Directed by Othello Nogueira
Cinematography by Douglas Barra
Production Design by Ana Gusson
Produced by Miguel Luz
Client: ESPM-Sul


Advertising for the releasing of the new Journalism Program for ESPM-Sul