Best items from 5 design shops in 1 bundle
Already 2nd Logo/Badge bundle in our 5 in 1 deal format. With highest quality logo/badge/insignia & vector shape resources with retro/vintage feel in one mega bundle! Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or looking to beef up your own logo & shapes library, this Jumbo Deal is just for you! With almost 89% off from already discounted bundles, and available for limited time only, you’ll need to grab this new 5in1 mega bundle while you can.
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5in1 Mega Bundle v.6: Logo/Badge Templates & Shapes contains 435 logo/badge/insignia templates and 100’s of shapes and elements from 5 talented designers.
1. Secret Society Badges 3 by TSV Creative
2. Street Art Logos by TSV Creative
3. 150 Retro Sunbursts by TSV Creative
4. Django Wild West ( Western Badges ) by TSV Creative
5. Django Wild West 2 by TSV Creative
6. Giant Massive Vintage Tools & Kits by Konstantine Studio
7. 30 Vintage Badges Pack by Konstantine Studio
8. Vintage Beer Labels Pack by Konstantine Studio
9. 6 Postage Stamp Badges + Bonus by Konstantine Studio
10. Typographic Vintage Logos by BMachina
11. Creators Badge Set Vol.1 by BMachina
12. Creators Badge Set Vol.2 by BMachina
13. Creative Christmas Badge Set by BMachina
14. Badges and Insignia’s Vol.1 by BMachina
15. Instant featured – 75 Sunbursts by BMachina
16. Instant featured – 77Retro Sunbursts by BMachina
17. American Independence Day Badges by Unicorg
18. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.1 by Unicorg
19. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.2 by Unicorg
20. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.3 by Unicorg
21. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.4 by Unicorg
22. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.5 by Unicorg
17. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.6 by Unicorg
23. 6 Vintage Typographic Logo Badges v.7 by Unicorg
24. Summer Vintage Badges + DIY kit by Unicorg
25. 8 Vintage American Badges by Unicorg
26. 15 Vintage Airline Luggage Tags by Unicorg
27. Original Logo with Vintage Bundle by Unicorg
28. Hand Drawn Vector Elements by Unicorg
29. Vintage Logos & Badges #1 by ORCA Creative Store
30. Vintage Logos & Badges #2 by ORCA Creative Store
31. Vintage Logos & Badges #3 by ORCA Creative Store
32. Vintage Logos & Badges #4 by ORCA Creative Store
33. Vintage Logos & Badges #5 by ORCA Creative Store
34. Unique Hipster Logos by ORCA Creative Store
35. Vintage Photography Logo Badges by ORCA Creative Store
36. Vintage American Handdrawn Logos by ORCA Creative Store
37. 20 Name Based Personal Logo Templates by ORCA Creative Store
38. BONUS (from 6th author): Rectangle Vintage Badges v.1 by Cruzine Design
Mega Bundle: Logo/Badge Templates & Shapes