Kassandra - Short movie. Brazil, 2012.
Best Art Direction for Ana Gusson - Ficcion Category - 2º Cineserra. Brazil - october, 2014.
Best Cinematography for Pablo Chasseraux  - Ficcion Category - 2º Cineserra. Brazil - october, 2014.
Best Original Score for Chico Pereira  - Ficcion Category - 2º Cineserra. Brazil - october, 2014.
Best Director for Ulisses da Motta Costa - Short Movie Category - 3º Festival de Cinema de Santo Ângelo. Brazil - august, 2014
Best Cinematography for Pablo Chasseraux  - Regional Category - 41º Festival de Cinema de Gramado. Brazil - august, 2013.
Kassandra is an independent production funded bt crowdfunding and local city resources. As a short film, the project was very ambitious and challenging for it's restricted crew, budget and dead line.
The design concept was based on the main character's misterious personality. Kassandra is a girl that appears to be very fragile while hiding something very evil inside her. The goal was to achieve a look that combined darkness in contrast with delicacy.
Filmed in black and white, the production design process focused on strong looking key objects (the pet doll, the old alarm clock and the children's star lamp) and a variety of textures. The result is a very beautiful and sutil looking film, that help the narrative development.
Early concept ideas
Movie stills
Kassandra's place ground plan
Movie stills
Technical drawing of the spinning star lamp
The spínning star lamp
Kassandra (Brazil, 2012)
Galo de Briga Films and Atama Films
Directed by Ulisses da Motta Costa
Cinematography by Pablo Chasseraux
Production Design by Ana Gusson
Produced by Roberto Coutinho and Ramona Barcelos


Short Movie