From The Imagination Of Victorior
This is my personal project done by PhotoshopCS2 and Wacom Intuos4. I have learn so much about the character design from this work.

The story is about all of the sanitary ware that have been staying in a small dirty bathroom for whole their life, They never know anything outside and don't have the idea, how is the world looks. Once day, there was a young dreaming boy came to the bathroom and told a lot of the wonderful story about the outside and invited those stuff to start the journey together. Those stuff got inspiring from the boy and then the exicted adventure was beginning!!

Thanks a lot for seeing and I hope you will enjoy with them! (sorry for my English)

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Here are some more focus detail and the character design with his name
Some character design
Here is the spacial bonus to show the process of the making of Faucet Character design.Capture screen by Camtasia Studio
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Thank you very much for taking your time with my works
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