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    Classic book cover redesign
From a selection of classic books, I've redesign a cover. Artworks were then showcased in an exhibition at the National library and an island wide promotional campaign for Singapore Reading week in August (2014) to celebrate some of these classic books, and bring them back into the mainstream conscious.
'Badai Semalam' by Khadijah Hashim
"People will not know what will happen tomorrow, Life is like a battleground".
This book 'Badai Semalam' by Khadijah Hashim focuses on a girl named Mazni who was tested with various allegations and obstacles. Alone and lonely she reluctantly got married, divorced…but continue to struggle and forced to sacrifice her true love in finding happiness in the end. With that in mind, I’ve illustrated the girl, Mazni, with a strong facial features to show the strength that she has in her. The tears in her eyes along with two white silhouette in her eyes of a girl and boy portrayed the sadness and pain that she is facing in search her true love in finding happiness in the end.