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    Graffitizied silhuette tracking
graffitized silhuette tracking
C++, OpenGL, OpenCV, OpenFramework, Supercollider
This was an entry for a contest for Workspace 10 at the filmhuis in Den Haag.
It consists in an audio-visual installation, where the visitors are visualized stylized in a manner similar to
'wild style' in graffiti and generate sounds based on their position.
The sound is generated by a separate software, communicating through a network connection, programmed in the Supercollider environment.

This software uses blob detection to extract the silhouette out of a video.
The silhouettes are then simplified and then morphed between frames through a shape blending algorithm.

The most complicated problem in this project was the morphing of the polygons from one frame to the other, because there is not a one to one correspondence between vertices between frames.
This is a currently researched topic, and my implementation is based mostly on a paper by Liang Liu et Al.
Perceptually Based Approach for Planar Shape Morphing

I prepared a slide presentation for the project that also contains videos, it can be viewed here