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Dalinha™. Artist Branding.

D      A      L      I      N      H      A

Gustavo Da Linha
Branding, Conceptual development, Art Direction & Photography.


The script
Branding and exhibition design. Brand development. Catalogue and promotional pieces design. Event invitation, banners and set design. This is an art and creative direction project that required a photo shoot to elaborate the catalogue and press releases.

The scene
A spot marked on a map. A crossroad between three different places on earth. That’s where a kid jumps borders as if they were tiles.  People call him Dalinha. Black–ink (particles). For an artist, every numbered square in hopscotch represents a place on earth. The sky is the limit. H3L captured a moment in time: a journey between Buenos Aires and Berlin.
When the poster folds out, it reveals the collection’s overview. The catalogue treasures images and textures you can feel without touching. It is the first-person testimony of the artist, whose own voice tells a story about finding new horizons pushing back the limits of the impossible.

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Dalinha™. Artist Branding.