Challenge & Idea
When raising awareness, small operators like Helsinki Airport and Finnair
can’t afford to compete with big international competitors’ media budgets.
We tapped into a grassroots movement with extensive access
to pop culture and connected with top skateboarders from around the world. 
We gave them a chance to do what has been done only in the Tony Hawk computer game.
Harnessing the power of people’s clout
Our strategy was to aim tight and hit wide. With the carefully chosen theme
of skateboarding we had enormous seeding power from the beginning.
Carefully planned phasing added virality
The campaign site was built around the recruitment, event and distribution phases.
In every phase engagement with our content was planned to be as easy as possible.
Shareability with high-quality branded content
The key was to keep publishing new content to get more people excited. Soon our content
was picked up by several media outlets and the campaign started to live in its own ecosystem.
Putting fuel on the fire with PR
Instead of bought advertising we focused on creating content for PR use,
monitoring earned media developments and reacting along the way.
The campaign became the most successful in the companies history
The campaign reached over 118 countries virally, with paid advertising in only 6 markets.

The earned media value of the campaign reached 2,875,896 €.
We generated more than 111,772,500 impressions with embedded content in different media.

The end result was that 75% of all impressions came from earned media.

People’s own shares and engagement with our content reached an audience of 46 million.
We managed to build our social community by 10% with new followers.
During the campaign the share of new visits to the Finnair website increased to 39% of all visits.

Our campaign built positive brand image with content likability twice as high as generally. 
Of all the online conversation only 0.5% was negative.
Match Made in HEL 2014

Match Made in HEL 2014

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