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    Infinite terrain simulation
Terrain rendering engine
Simulation and visuals
C++, Direct3D9, OpenGL
This project started as a architectural concept proposal for a natural history museum in Torino Italy.
It consisted of an infinite fractal terrain simulation and real time fly through.
Interaction with the terrain editor was done with a flash interface that can be seen here
The sound for the installation was programmed in the MAX MSP environment by Centro Tempo Reale in Florence Italy.

Unfortunately the proposal was never realized due to structural problems of the building where the museum would have been built.
I decided to experiment with the terrain engine to create some more abstract visuals.
Here is a video that I made for an electronic music festival. The whole video is made out of live screen recordings of live interaction with the software.
Originally I wrote the software to run on Windows using the Direct3D API.

I have since then converted the engine to run on the Mac and I'm working on a live visual set where sound reactive 3d objects are placed over the landscape in a generative/stochastic manner.
This way live visuals are made by actually exploring a 3d world.

Here are some screenshots of the work in progress.