Part of Everyday

Karaoke machines are typically dragged out of the closet, played with, then returned to the closet. Why? Well, we use them for parties and games, and let's be honest: they are not something we want to show off. We wanted Home to be more integral to life, so we engineered great sound and made a beautiful wireless speaker so you'd use it every day, and be proud to display it.

On Demand

When we want to sing, we don't want to fuss with set up. Singing Machine Home is already connected to the TV by HDMI, and to internet by Wi-fi. We stream and play a library of karaoke music to Home, and you browse and play via the TV. To make things even easier, your friends can access Singing Machine Play online and make a Play Queue ahead of the party, which live updates on your Singing Machine Home. Instant Party.

No Boomerangs

People sometimes purchase home karaoke for a party, then return it the next day. The "free rental" isn't great for business. So, we thought: let's give people a desire to keep the device. It fits gorgeously into any room, you want to use it daily, and makes party starting a breeze. After the party, it quickly reverts back to it's every day form: beautiful, wireless speaker.

Singing Machine Home

Wireless speaker and system that hosts the Singing Machine Play application. It's connected to media server via Wi-fi and outputs to the TV via HDMI.

Singing Machine Mic-Remote 

Wireless remote and microphone. Controls the app or allows you to sing. Singing Machine Home supports up to two microphones.

Singing Machine Play

On demand, 8000+ karaoke song library browsed using the Singing Machine Mic-Remote and the TV. Daily, monthly and annual subscriptions satisfy all singing appetites.

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