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    Just a little Nerd and Geek humor.
Nerd, geek, similar, not so similar.  Sure many people that might be described one can also be the other and many do share similar hobbies.  Geeks however seem to be more chic, trendy, and in the moment.
A geek isn't always a geek for life. They tend to be geeks as long as they find comfort in it. While nerds on the other hand are always for life.  They aren't in it for the fashion points but more so because its the thing that brings them internal gratification.
Here is a quick example from my ACME style code.  It's done in PHP yet has more of a perl feel to it:
$People = new People($query_string);
if(isset($nerds)) { $People->add_nerds($nerds); }
if(isset($geeks)) { $People->add_geeks($geeks); }
print $People->evaluate();
For a working copy to toy with and full code check out: