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    Worked with Educational Insights to design solutions for tough math education challenges.
Educational Insights: math toys
Industrial Design for educational classroom toys
Teaching children to tell time is one thing, but explaining how to calculate the  between two times (e.g. 3:30pm is after 1:15pm) is an entirely different challenge. The entirely-mechanical "elapsed time clock" makes teaching this difficult topic much easier: turn the hands to set the 'start' time on the left, and the 'end' time on the right, and the difference is displayed in the space between.

Similarly, making arithmetic and simple algebra fun is no easy task. MathSlam transforms arduous math flashcards into an addictive, fast-paced,  game. The physical nature of the task is not only fun and engaging, it stimulates brain activity in a way that a mere computer game can not.

Adam O'Hern worked on a direct consulting basis with Educational Insights, collaborating with their talented team of teachers and graphic designers to deliver sketching and ideation, refinement sketches, design intent renderings, and finally manufacturable 3D SolidWorks CAD data, ready for factory engineers.