ReCycle Park is an outdoor modular concept built entirely from recycled plastic.

The main idea behind this project is to apply the lessons learned from the current situation with garbage waste, its advantages and disadvantages.Research clearly shows, that most of the methods and solutions for this specific problematic are already found and in use. But here, like in many other areas, we also find that the most important factor for implementing these methods is the motivation of the society to participate, help and contribute.

This is the main problem that ReCycle Park deals with. To a certain degree, the uncertainty of the principles, on which current recycling and waste systems in Bulgaria work, prevents the public to get a clear idea what the benefits are, and how they affect the society. ReCycle Park aims at building a completely open and transparent structure for recycling and processing waste and raw materials which gives direct reward to those participating in the project.

The idea is to reward proactive and motivated participants who use the recycling system by providing the finished product of the outdoor modular system to their respective neighborhoods, gardens, parks and recreation areas.
1. Bench with backrest / Bike stand                    7. Recycle bin
2. Bench                                                               8. Flower pot
3. End flower pot  / recycle bin holder                 9. Quad base
4. Middle flower pot  / recycle bin holder          10. Angle base
5. T-shaped middle connector                          11. Single base
6. End / angle connector                                   12. Backrest Seal
Color Schemes and Variations. There was the idea that if the material kept its translucent features after the processing, it may be possible to encapsulate a light source in the main connectors. That way the bench would also become a light source in park areas.