Art Book by Bram Vanhaeren
Exactly one year ago, I created a book to show myself and the world what I've been up to. A year of work, quickly collected into a book. A book of incredible value, filled with memories. Filled with passion and emotions. A book that kept me going, a book that changed my life.

This year was completely different, instead of working on personal projects and clients I decided to go back to school. After being a drop out, not finding a place to fit. I found a school where I can put my passion to work, without being judged by it. I can proudly inform you I passed my first year without any problems, perfectionist as I am sometimes, I've accomplished a small goal, scrapped from the list.

This book is created to keep me focused, after a year of introspection and thinking about what I've done so far and how I can improve my quest to become a good artist. Or is it designer? To inspire other young graphic designers and give you a pleasant time exploring my work.

Book: 80 colour pages 8x10 inch - Now Available