Project: Fumo (Specialization 2, Hyper Island)
Role: Concept development, art, design, animation, copywriting
Type: iPad game concept
Work: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
Team members:  Martin Flodin

Fumo is a steampunk action platformer concept for the iPad. It was created by me and my fellow class mate Martin Flodin during a module called "Specialization 2" at Hyper Island. During the specialization modules we come up with and design our own learning goals for tasks we create for our selves, in order to develop in areas within digital that we feel we want to explore. In this case: Concept development, design, and animation.

Since we are both avid gamers, and love the iPad format, we decided to visualize a concept for a game on said device. A core idea for the game was that the user would get to utilize all the various functions of the device in order to advance through the levels. The player would have to shake the device, blow in the mic, scream and do other crazy things to make awesome stuff happen on screen. Were the ideas for actual gameplay were secondary to the learning goals of the module (art, design, and animation) we still had a lot of it in mind when we settled on the visual style of the game, and behavior of characters in animations.

We tried to keep the process as learning friendly, light hearted, and fun as we could, and we both really enjoyed exploring animation, and art direction more in detail.

I was in charge of enemy- and projectile design, enemy animation, and concept animation in general. We split the level design, and I designed a cave like mine stage concept, as well as an urban stage concept. Martin designed a beautiful desert stage concept, and a murky hunted forest stage concept. Martin was also in charge of the playable character design, and created our cute little protagonist. A cave worker wielding a steam powered mining tool which also works as the hero's weapon of choice.

I will add a link to our concept PDF which contains additional concept information later on, or by request, since this portfolio entry is mainly for showing the visual part of the concept.

Mine stage concept
Level concepts and AE mayhem!
After riding the big ass hamster wheel elevator, you are brought to the urban level concept
If I had a beer for every keyframe...
...and another beer for every pre-composition.