Renault Sunny
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Personal Mobility Vehicle concept for Renault
Renault Sunny
Proposal for personal mobility
Renault Sunny brings back the classic Renault 4 ideas of an affordable car but it is a new way of thinking in solutions for personal transportations on cities. 
This proposal started from the idea of a car that could be used by a lot of people.Sunny can be rented by a monthly fee if you like or just get it on a spot like any bike sharing. It’s perfect for the big cities.
The chassis is made of a modular aluminium structure and can be reused, recicled or even used in different designs in the future. Easy to build and easy to maintain. 
To create the body it will be used FDL - a natural rubber developed in Brazil that makes no arm to nature. The process of taking the rubber can also help a lot of families in Amazon and it’s also more efficient using less energy and less water to produce it. 
Renault 4 ever Sunny is an alternative to bycicles and can be used on places that normal cars don’t go, like sidewalks. It’s an open car, easier to be built and allows interaction with pedestrians, cyclists and others Sunny drivers.

Door - Only one but very functional. The display options will be there. Battery level, speedometer and any other gauge can be seen there. It’s transparent like a windshield and you can see easily the road. And the innovative headlights will also be part of it.
Interior - Easy is the word here. A intuitive joystick will lead through your way with Sunny.A touchscreen display can connect you to internet while it’s parked and you can download music to listen on the Sunny that you’ll drive or your personal configuration.
Seats and Wheels - Structured with fibers of destroyed PET are the perfect example for “form defined by function”. Their beauty is on simplicity of the concept making them obvious.. Why are we not doing something like that? The tensions of the fibers can be also regulated.
Personalization - Sunny is a mass production vehicle, also can be used as a citysharing transport and also will attend to circular economy ideas but can it be unique? Yes, it can! The straight connection with internet will allow the users to configure their cars even before going out from home. You can change the colours of wheel and seats fibers, you can define the shape of the headlights and also the gauges that will be on your door display. And of course listen to your favorite songs!