Project: Beatoven (Exploring technology at Hyper Island)
Role: Project Manager, Producer, Concept development
Type: Music visualizations, technology, concept, design, print, sponsorship
Work: Quartz Composer (Xcode), InDesign, Photoshop, Arduino, Webcam symbol recognition
Project website:
Exhibition website:
Team members: Erik Herrström, Filip Nordin, Richard Hedberg, William Hollowell, Martin Flodin & Daniel Elg

Beatoven is a device that lets you generate complex and personal music through pattern recognition and motion sensoring. The concept is centered around loops and samples so that everyone, not just people with knowledge of music theory can enjoy the experience and create music. The users are able to record and share their personal songs if they wish.

Beatoven was part of a four week module called Exploring Technology. It actually got so popular that it got a lot of offers from other exhibitions around in Europe.

In this project I was the producer, as well as concept developer. The greatest challenges i faced during the process was keeping the team motivated, structuring the work, and making sure deadlines were met. As with any other team, there were tension at times, but a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and laughs later, she was done! This was the first module at Hyper Island where i took the producing role, and i enjoyed it a lot. It helps also that the end result was no less than a show stopper. After the initial success at the hi-10 exhibition, a lot of interest was shown in taking Beatoven on the road through europe. She was also used as a promotional Hyper Island at the annual student expo in Stockholm, where young people from all over Scandinavia go to find exciting educations. 

Beatoven was also featured on GizmoWatch and large range of other tech blogs.

Beatoven in action at Hi-10.