howies®(production & sourcing - analysis & recommendation)
This 104-page research project is an examination of the current global sourcing and production methods of the UK fashion retailer howies®. As the final project of the Nottingham Trent University course 'Global Production & Sourcing,' through the BA (Hons) International Fashion Business program, it required an exploration of "the management conditions, technical requirements, and economic issues that inform the choices surrounding global sourcing."

Focusing on a specific product area (in this case, jersey wear), the project necessitated an understanding of the company history and identity, the current sourcing strategy, and the company's situation in the market place, as well as knowledge of the products offered within a specific category and their production requirements. Case studies of two current sourcing locations were created and utilized, in conjunction with all previous research, to determine a suitable alternative source for production. 

Upon submission, the howies® )project received First Class Honours, marking it as "An excellent example of organization and construction of a professional report," demonstrating the "ability to use varied and appropriate media to professionally communicate a visual and verbal presentation," according to the project Assessment Criteria.