Concept Nike 6.0 Snowboard Boot
This was a concept that explored using Nike's Flightposite technology in a category outside of basketball, where it was first used. With performance footwear trending lighter and more flexible, this tech could be utilized in other sports. The molded tech could be a good match for use in winter sports because of its thermal and support properties. Originally started in 2010.
Classic moleskin scribbles
Illustrator render
Photoshoppin' some scenery 
Working through an Alias model to further develop the design.
Received a couple messages about process for modelling in Alias, so just added a couple screen shots of different parts of the process I used. 
Image plane using illustrator line art from the renders 
Used a basic cylinder to shape it into a kind of last using cv's
Created curves according to the line art to trim the cylinder 
Trimmed surfaces with added details
Used offset surfaces from the original cylinder to create the different material construction layers