An Investigation into Issues, Innovations, and Potential Opportunities

seeks to illustrate the main concerns facing three key participants in the industry; countries, companies, and individuals. It looks to innovative case studies in order to develop realistic recommendations as to how each may improve their impact on the environment. 

Sustainability, which encompasses ethics, people, the world, and its environment, has only been growing on the human agenda since 1970. Within the fashion industry, it holds enormous potential, however, each participant must first learn the current issues and how to approach them.

This 140-page book was the result of a year-long research project, completed in the final year of my Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Fashion Business at Nottingham Trent University, where it received First Class Honours upon submission. The project was deemed to "demonstrate an outstanding level of independence with regard to [Aleida's] research skills," with "many interesting observations with regard to sustainable innovation, new policies, and recent consumer behavior," according to the course tutor, Lorraine Warde. "[Aleida's] ability to communicate expressively in good written English demonstrates a high level of language skill."