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Stripe Demo

Want to integrate payment into your website or mobile application? Look no further we have created this demo to showcase that we can integrate a easy to use payment system named Stripe(https://stripe.com/) with any website/application. In this demo we have integrated stripe payment system with a ecommerce shopping cart demo website in which we showcase how easy it is to fill your payment details and checkout. The main features of this demo are:
- Add any items you want to buy from the website and add to cart.
- Add multiple items in shopping cart.
- When ready to checkout the shopping cart just use the button on top "Pay With Card" to use stripe payment.
- Stripe payment system is secure, safe and easy to use.
- Enter your email information, Card number and press pay. 
- Once you pay you will be shown that you have paid using stripe payment.
- Verify from stripe dashboard that the payment was successful.
To test this demo go to http://ndataconsulting.com/demos/stripe-web/ . Add items you need to shopping card. As given in video when ready press pay with card button and for demo purposes enter credit card  4242-4242-4242-4242 with any 4 digit CVC and your payment will go through. 
You can view the demo here
Stripe Video Demo
Stripe Demo

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Stripe Demo

This is a demo build by team of nDataConsulting showing a scenario where a customer buys items from a store, adds them to shopping cart and final Read More


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