Tangratomy, (de)constructing animal anatomy / Postcards

Tangratomy by Diogo Guerra

(de)constructing animal anatomy
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"Diogo, nobody will want to hang a painting on their wall depicting the bloody insides of an animal", 
I was told a few months ago.
This was the starting point for my new project - anatomical structures turned conceptual.
I needed to take Animal Anatomy into a whole new level.
I remember that as a kid I loved playing with Tangram blocks. I enjoyed the idea of these predefined shapes that could be turned into almost everything. I wanted to bring the naiveness and ingenuousness of my childhood memories into something that most would consider harsh and disgusting.
Working solely with digital tools, I am taking inspiration from entire anatomical structures, either whole animal organisms or just organic systems, and (de)constructing them while still mimicking the amazing shapes and textures.
Should you know some animal anatomy, you may be able to uncover what is inside. If not, I will simply invite you to appreciate the multitude of shapes and dimensions one can find within.
If you are interested, check out my website where you can buy a set of Tangratomy postcards.