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    A small, yet cozy sushi restaurant located on a busy corner of Richmond, Virginia.
A small, yet cozy sushi restaurant located on a busy corner of Richmond, Virginia.
For three years, owner Justin Chu focused on being Richmond's most hospitable chef, which created a friendly atmosphere and built a strong customer base. However, Momotaro still needed to revamp their identity and appeal to the younger demographic in the area.
The symbol is the combination of a fish head and tail that forms the letter M in the negative space. It is also a visual aid to remind people about its geographic location being at the corner of West Cary Street & South Boulevard, two important streets that run through Richmond.
​Its simplicity allows for reproduction on different types of technology and sizes. The logo maintains its appearance as a tiny graphic on a mobile device to a gigantic piece on a billboard. It is abstract enough to accommodate any future aspirations, such as expanding the products or services to other industries or relocating to a different country, making it sustainable for the forseeable future.