YUNA: Interactive Design
Yunalis Zarai (YUNA) is a multi-talented Malaysian singer-songwriter gifted with a very beautiful voice. 

YUNA in fact was my first experience handling interactive project using Adobe Flash. Done in 2008 while in college, it was a great exploration and discovery for both line art & digital illustration. Pastel colours were used in most designs to suit her EP album and music concept.
"HOMEPAGE" features multicolour buttons when mouse roll over the keyboard linking to different pages.
An overview of the EP album

"Yuna self-titled EP is an official compilation of Yuna's re-recording mind-blowing songs based on the demo tracks she recorded in her room for the last two years where she was into cheap microphones."
a page with a sing-a-long lyric book for the song featured in the EP 
"JOURNAL" Yuna's documentation of her journey in songwriting and EP production. A personal message posted for her fans who have supported her music.
a profile page of Yuna and her sessionists: in and out
A gallery showcasing photos taken by Yuna and her friends during performance, leisure and also for her own collection
Listing all of her compliments and thankful thoughts for friends & family who have involved in her EP making.