A mix of images from Sweden and elsewhere
I started taking pictures when I was 16 years old with an Robot camera that I got from my father. Both gone now unfortenately. Although I see myself as a painter I still like to use the camera sometimes. In my artistic work I've been mixing photo material with scanned parts of my paintings in order to make big print-outs. Nowadays I use a digital camera, Sony a900 with a 24-70 Carl Zeiss lens.
"The America Quay in dawn" - Gothenburg 2010
"The City Shipyard" - Gothenburg, 2010
"Gothenburg at Dawn"
"City street of Gothenburg - early foggy morning" this images is taken with my cell-phone camera.
"Shipyard Cranes in Gothenburg" 2010
"City view of Gothenburg" - The Opera house and the "Lipstick building" by Ralph Erskine
"Canal in Gothenburg, autumn"
"Dry-dock, City Shipyard, Gothenburg"
"Signs in Lissabon" such a beautiful city, but so many disrepaired buildings. 2010.
"Shark, underneath", Marine Aquarium, Lissabon, 2010
"Sea Weed", Marine Aquarium, Lissabon, 2010
"Rossio Train Station, Lissabon" 2010
"Main Building, Quinta Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal"  read more
"Tower, Quinta Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal"
"Roof, Quinta Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal"
"Shining Bottle", Tunisia, 2009
"Unloading a Truck" - Yankee Car Meet, Falköping, 2011
"Tough Guys" - Yankee Car Meet, Falköping, 2011
"Tough Guys-II" - Yankee Car Meet, Falköping, 2011
"The Blue Mosque", Istanbul, 2011
"Interior - Archeological Museum", Istanbul, 2011
"Interior - Archeological Museum", Istanbul, 2011