Growing Monsters
-Art serie on alienation and symbols
Inspired by graffiti arts and henna paintings, the serie depicts fragments of bodies covered in traditional symbols from various cultures.

The  bodies drawn are purposely ambiguous. Sometimes like dolls, sometimes like a baby or sometimes like a demon. The simplicity of the character is used to constrast with the overwhelming presence of the tattooes that cover them.

The symbols are a personnal alteration of military / indian / celtic / arabic / and sometimes from pop culture.

I tried to create an eerie feeling using simple means. body parts, tattoos, depicted with black ink. The original version was rather small, and got oversized in order to see the brushstrokes.

Made with ink, three minutes of CG and framed
real size: 760mm x 1500mm (30"x60")

If interested, I have some small format prints available at society6
otherwise, for the real size version, contact me directly!