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    tvc Big Picnic, preroll Big Picnic
Super Big Picnic Maker 3000
Tactical TVC for the new season
Susan: Look, John, guess what we're going to cook today?

John: Oh, Susan, you have peanuts, chocolate... It's a Picnic!
Susan: You knew! Not just ordinary Picnic that you can easylycook at your kitchen, it's a BIG Picnic!
Susanpulls of the violet fabric covering something they are going to promote.
John: And this is Super BIG Picnic Maker 3000!!! So compact!!!Amazing!
Susan: And stylish. Here I put a airy rice, chocolate,peanuts, waffles…
Susan: You remember, we need a BIG Picnic.
John: I can’t wait! Let’s speed up the process!
Susan: You broke it, John! We gonna get fired now!
John: It wasn’t purposely…
PACKSHOT VO: While the machine is in repair, try BigPicnic. 31 cm of positivity!
pre-roll commercial for youtube/rutube
CD: StuartRobinson
CW: TatianaMoseeva
AD: AlexanderBazhenov, Alexey Ryzhov
Account team: OlgaStaritchenko, Ia Janjgawa, Evgenia Koroleva
D: AndreyIvandikov
Producer: MedeyaArshba
Producers: Medeya Karasheva, Svetlana Samoshina
Directors: Spooner&Bonde
DOP: Maxim Osadchiy
Sound: DenisKolesnikov, Kuraj-Bambey
Composing: «Pyphagor»