DESIGN IS DEAD (ex) ceo & founder Henderik Everaerts addresses the students in Barcelona who will be working on OFFF Atelier. We decided to make long scenes and afterworths i did the montage to bring all the scene's together.  Henderik addresses the students in Barcelona who will be working on OFFF Atelier.
When we had to speak to OFFF atelier, Barcelona we wanted to share the experience to office folk back home. The actual presentation and press conference is for the archives and also exclusive when speaking live 10th of june 2011. We got great feedback from the OFFF people
We flew to Barcelona to teach a Master Class at OFFF and give a press conference to present the novelties of OFFF 2011. During an afternoon-long presentation they told a very interested audience about the work methods, concepting techniques, and project research strategies used at Design is Dead, to list just a few topics they broached. And the participants loved it! According to the OFFF report, it was "one of the best Master Classes we've ever had the pleasure of attending!"
We wanted to tell a tale about rebirth, the contrast between life and death. Both pages were to be sandwiched in between the pages that the other artists made, so that a journey would start to unfold, a journey from one graphic to another, linked by the holes in every image, our way of tying all the images together. The artworks in between represent and summarize the creativity displayed at the festival, creative people doing creative projects. Our animation tells the story of the construction of, and the layers between, both pages...

We designed it so that each image can be interpreted as a standalone — but together they are stronger.
The agenda is key in every festival thats why its integrated throughout the whole site, connected to personal profile to create your own schedule. This would be synced to the iphone app for data and schedule changes. There's a lot of data to visualize, i used a horisontal timeline to layout the schedule.
The personal profile makes the festival experience complete! Giving visitors a hub to plan the trip to barcelona and also to profile themselfs as an visitor or as an artist. Its also a portal with your portfolio and social media. I made the overlay standout, minimal but textured the layout enough with the backend styleguide i designed. Playing with a festival card style to finish this elment.
I didn't design the whole website, other pages that aren't displayed above were designed by Isabel. Also check out the wireframes cas made after we sketched and prototyped our research, best wireframes ever!
For every insight we found in the previous step, we created a focus question. This question always started with HMW: ‘How might we...’ Three simple words that made each question so open that it instantly sparked the brain and pushed it to generate ideas.
Research is one of the most important steps in the process. Not only will it motivate you to create something awesome, it will also get your team on the same page as well. We divided the different research topics among the members of the team, each looking into the subject he or she knew the most about.
Brainstorming is the most fun and exciting part of the whole process. All you need is a big white sheet of paper, a few thick black markers, a lot of post-it notes, and an (over)dose of energy. Step one is to write the focus questions you came up with in the previous step down on your big white piece of paper. Then you start throwing ideas around.
During our brainstorm sessions for OFFF we came up with an enormous amount of ideas, most of which we threw out during the synthesis stages. Nevertheless, we kept some of them in our little black box. Why? Because some of these ideas we still like very much! We just thought they were perhaps a bit too... progressive
Insights are definitions, statements, or rules you find through research. They can be trends, new technologies, or economic influences, to name but a few. The goal is to collect them all on a map, and find new opportunities on which you can start building ideas. To facilitate finding ideas that match and connect with these insights, you convert the insights you distilled from your research to focus questions, which is our next step.
Prototypes are very simple outlines of the ideas in front of you. They can be quick sketches, or simple wireframes. You generally use them to get a better idea of the actual work to be done and as inspiration for the final wireframes.
DESIGN IS DEAD creatives attended the annual design festival OFFF, in lovely Paris. Check out the report of our 3 day design marathon in the French capital: lots of lectures, some strolling through the city of lights, fine French cuisine, tons of inspiration and gallons of transpiration.