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    Merkel & Rajoy
Illustration for Group Exhibition '80 
'Mad is Mad' bring your walls this fall of 2014 the work of thirty Spaniards harder and projection from Paula Bonet, Conrad Roset, Nader Sharaf, Cavolo and illustrators to Adolfo Serra, Judith Canela, Jon Juarez, David de las Heras and Rufio. An exhibition curated by Cecilia Sanchez
Apart from his undoubted quality and creativity, the link that unites them is their youth, having been born in the 80s, a decade in which we associate with the innocent security have come a long tunnel and believe that everything in this country would go always better upline. 
All these artists have lived in 'limbo' of a country that believed free solidly democratic and participatory, and more or less well done. Until now, in the second decade of the century, have fallen, we've fallen overwhelmingly headlong into the most brutal of disappointments. No, the Kings do not exist. At best, they can be Majos but never Magi. 
His works show his sense of humor and aesthetics, reviews-not missing your cartoons Merkel and Rajoy, or messages like 'No future'-, myths, exhaust valves ... From watercolor and oil on wood to digital printing, from graphite to form directly linked to the comic, poster and banner-complaint, this brings us thirty works from multiple perspectives, hope if not the certainty that this country with people like themselves has a future. Much. It's just knowing look and value. We at 'Mad is Mad', we did it with full confidence on this dunk season, from many points of view, drawing and illustration.