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    A set of tabletop objects that are both useful and playful.
- Undefined Function / Object
A collection of tabletop objects - 2010/2011
Undefined, yet meaningful. This contradiction has been the main motif in developing . Continually questioning the distinction between object and product, form and function, it merely proposes a framework for exploration and personal interpretation.

By dividing a primary conic shape into five stacked toroids and a pointy tip, a new and playful dimension is created. Furthermore, a sense of rhythm, proportion and progression underlines the basic principle of
throughout the design.

A range of glass and porcelain vessels - distilled from the outline of varying combinations of rings - interact with the other pieces on different levels, adding useful characteristics to the design.

Together, as a set of complementary tabletop pieces they offer virtually infinite variations and combinations, striking a balance between functional and aesthetic values.

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