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    Aerospace projects done whilst at university.
Aerospace Design
Some of my earlier Aerospace Design Experiences
One of my great passions in life is flying. I grew up with an aeroplane in my family, and was always baffled by the awesome feeling of leaving the ground. As I grew older I got more critical found the solutions that excisted to be underachieving their purpose. 

In this section I´m showing some of my earlier projects from 2007 and 2008 that led up to the EQP2 project (Equator Concept being constructed at the moment www.equatoraircraft.com). This consist of the SeaSTOL VLJ project done in Essen - Duisburg University 2007, an internship done with Airbus in 2008 and the prework done on the EQP2 in 2009 called P2G100 Excursion.
I´m collecting these data, to show how I worked to develop some of the concepts.
SEASTOL VLJ Project Essen (Germany) 2007