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    A colab with Jeremy from Zombieyeti.com
Just recently after spending time at Adobe Max in LA, Jeremy Packer (Zombieyeti) and I talked over a simple idea.  This idea was to collect things we made that we just did for for fun and offer them up in little sets cheap to people who enjoy our work, but also can use them however they see fit.  I decided that it was time to develop a few new fonts and he put together some nice illustrations.
After this talked, we put together a simple site, still in BETA phase, and brought the basics to life.
Here are the select pieces in the collection that are offered for $29.95.  More than welcomed to check it out, and if you order, awesome but that isn't the point of this.  I just wanted to show how colabing with a friend and contributing to fellow designers is rewarding and to be able to make make time to push ideas out together.  So here is what we created shortly after Adobe Max
Check out & let me know your thoughts! : http://laser-rat.com