McDonald's Vietnam
For McDonald’s, opening in a new market for the first time in 15 years was momentous. Citizens of Vietnam, saw the opening either as a symbol of economic growth, or met it with questions of relevance. With McDonald's, we established two goals. One, spotlight the history-making aspect of the opening. Second, create conditions for the restaurants to acknowledge the neighborhoods in which they open. 

We first developed a 'commemorative identity' for McDonald’s Vietnam, complete with a unique logo. The logo became a pin, dawned by both key stakeholders of the company, as well as the entire operations team. The 'commemorative identity' worked into limited-edition merchandise. Like an olympics identity, this one was to celebrate a time and
place and would be considered collectable memorabilia.

The 'community identity,' which centers around a familiar wall stamp aesthetic, creates a unique name and logo for each new restaurant. This worked across the restaurants, while it introduced fresh interpretations of McDonald’s iconic menu items for a new audience. Each new restaurant location hoped to become a significant landmark in each respective neighborhood. This was done to further develop the concept of distinctive neighborhoods in the cities of Vietnam, and to interact with the communities within them. 

Event images: Neil Massey
Studio Images: Wing Chan
Studio Images: Le Quoc Huy

McDonald's Vietnam