I have an experience of approx 17+ years in Fashion in Designing / Merchandising / Technical / Educational fields for Men's/Women's/Kid's Wear .
Apparel Designing - Men/Women/Kid:
• Formal,
• Casual,
• Ethnic,
• Party.

Graphic Designing:
• Logo,
• Formats,
• Tags,
• Editing,
• Wallpapers, Calendar,
• Prints, etc.

• Introducing Innovative Zone (covering fresh & unique offerings);
• Miniature display showing more style options in less space;
• Wide range Collar/Cuff sets;
• Introducing wide range of Buttons/ Trim Tapes/ Embroidered Embellishing elements/ Fusible-Non Fusible Interlinings/ Linings, etc.
• Style Tips with supportive elements ;
• Reverse Display of structured garment;
• Style Coding & perfect method for usage for store.

• On-line;
• Printed.

• Visiting Faculty-N.I.F.T.;
• External Jury Member at N.I.F.T. for Industrial Training / Graduating projects / Portfolio, etc
• Interactive Sessions with students;
• Part of Fairs & Conferences.
• Critic Analysis-Operation method of departments or Store functions / Visual Merchandise / online operations content by suggestive feedback.

Team Management by discussing regarding positive and negative aspects in advance with:
• Creative/ Designing,
• Technical,
• Production,
• Sampling department.

Software Knowledge:
• Microsoft Word/ PowerPoint/ Excel/ Photo Editor,
• Adobe-PhotoShop-7 / Illustrator;
• CorelDRAW/ Photo Paint -12.

I am a down to earth guy and am happiest when I see my friends/relatives happy.I love to help people thinking its better to bring joy/happiness than the tears.

I try to make any normal object to an object of attraction or a standout piecein a big crowd. I try to start experimenting from the basic level foroutstanding output.

For e.g. as the English language starts with alphabet "A". So, if this basic alphabet will be stylized giving a signature range then any single word comes as a MASTERPIECE.

That is my STYLE.

You can contact me at +91-7874422122 / +91-9980883022