Strategic Finance Magazine
Art Director: Mary Zisk
This magazine, published by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), has great art direction and illustrations! I was glad to get a couple of assignments from Mary Zisk, and look forward to doing more for them.
"Staying on Track in a Turnaround"
The subject of this one was pretty straight-forward: "Basically we need to illustrate the concept that a leader is turning around a troubled business. One idea could be a business man or woman driving a stagecoach filled with employees and "turning it around" to avoid a cliff." So, I sent a bunch of ideas along these lines... the title generally comes after the art, so the 'staying on track' should give you a hint about which one they went with:
"Are Your Account Reconciliations Accurate?"
Here's the description of the article: "The beginning describes the basic process of how accounting books are reconciled by the end of each month. Then it talks about a problem where the information comes in from different sources in different formats and all needs to come together to create a monthly report. So that's the part we need to illustrate."
Since this was my first job for them, and the subject was rather complex, I sent way more ideas than usual!

 “Making Business Decisions Using Real Options: AnExample from the Motion Picture Industry”