Health Canada - Drug Prevention
Health Canada
Ad campaign for Health Canada signed by Ogilvy Montréal  for the Drug prevention national program among young Canadians. A new platform that highlights the adverse effects and the indelible traces of drug use by among teen and kids, including marijuana and prescription drugs. A highly visual-provoking campaign, filled with emotion. Messages and images symbolically powerful shocks, was directed by Christian Langlois, film director at Les Enfants. This is the fourth collaboration of Ogilvy and Health Canada with the director. 
In a contemporary signature, this visual treatment framed with finesse the high fragility of the teens through creative use of the world of glass. A mixed media techniques and  direction: shooting live, animation, animated 3-D, which can strength in a beautiful meeting of crafts, glass sculpture, visual arts, painting with new technologies: high-speed motion control camera, animation 3d, live vfx and developed post production. The postproduction was executed by the talented team from Fly Studio. The powerful emotional charge of his messages we owe to the music of Jean Phi Goncalves from XS - la petite boïte à musique, talented composer and former member of Beast and Plaster. 
Product: Drug Prevention
Client: Health Canada - Government of Canada
Clients: Karine Goneau-Lessard, Katharina Simioni, Erin Rogers, Kelly Bagg
Agence: Ogilvy
Creative VP: Martin Gosselin
Creative Director: Gavin Drummond
Copywriter: Mathieu Roy
Artistic Director: François Léandre
Account Directors: Lina Castrecheni, Paul Bergeron
Account Executive: Zayneb Kadiri
Broadcast Producer: Nycole Lemonde
Film Director: Christian Langlois, Les Enfants
Executive Producer: Céline Célier, Les Enfants
Production House: Les Enfants, Montreal
Director of Photography: Ray Dumas, Sessler
Speed Arm Operator: Jerry Andrew
Production designer: Jean Francois Campeau
Props: Étienne Proulx
Production Manager: Stéphane Gérin Lajoie, Les Enfants
Production Coordinator: Cloé Fortin, Les Enfants
Cut Editor: Greg Kaufman
Postproduction and animation: Fly Studio
Post Leads: Jean François Talbot and Gervais Deschênes, Fly Studio
Music: Jean Phi Goncalvez, XS
Mix: La Majeure
Health Canada - Drug Prevention

Health Canada - Drug Prevention

Ad campaign for Health Canada signed by Ogilvy Montreal for the drug prevention national program among young Canadians. A new platform that highl Read More

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