"WHISPER OF THE SILENT WALLS" \ digital paintings
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concept and illustartions by Valentina Brostean

This series of mixed media artworks is created as certain sort of  memory!  Memory of the passed ones that are maybe still here with us in the ephemeral form of spirits, ghost, protectors or just in limbo, searching for a way to pass on the other side, leaving the trace behind them, one we could almost feel in this realm of reality ....Sometimes we can intuitively perceive the energies in space or objects that we cannot understand, but the presence is obvious, there is something mysterious and wonderous about those feelings... From those mystical impressions  felt  and lived many times i started to create this serial... 

Silent voices whisper!  you can hear them in your head, you can hear them all around you - if you listen very well! 
..like an old riddle, like an old secret, like an ancient spell.. it reveals you the world that you can't see if you don't feel, so better learn  to feel carefully! 
Walls are hiding their stories, invisible walls are between us and them!
Marks of   the people that were  here so long time ago..and  who were they?...'cause they will be us one day....like memories, like shadows, like pain, like desire, like hopes and dreams whisper of the ones that are gone  signs for us who are here now! 
It's all one circle - circle of life, circle of death and all that you can imagine and put inside while the stone is rolling...

"Somewhere, someone, sometimes.."
"Gone girl.."
"Rape me again.."
".Hey you dreamers what will future bring..?!"
"Wish you were here.."
"Faces of society.."
"Faces of society.."
"Room of memories.."
"Devil is among us.."
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