Editorial: Wall Street Journal (II)
More Illustrations for the Wall Street Journal
(Now with preliminary sketches... see if you'd choose the same one the art director did!)

“Why Dave Is Now a Goldbug”
Art Director: Mark Tyner
“Attaining Area Code Chic”
Art Director: Joel Cadman
(for those of you not familiar with New York area codes, '212' is an oldest area code,
and is considered more high-status than newer area codes)

“The Most Awkward Meeting”
Art Director: Pete Hausler
(This illustration about elevator encounters contained space for explanatory text,
which was inserted by the art director.)

(This is a rare glimpse of the the work in process; a scan I did so Pete could start fitting the type in the open elevator doors. You can see that I work the whole image at once, rather than a small area, completing the 'definite' sections before the ones that might be more in shadow, so that the tones are fairly balanced when it's done.)
“Getting Real With Grass”
Art Director: Joel Cadman
(The editor had suggested the idea of an enthusiastic lawn-mower floating over the turf,
but decided to go with another idea once he'd seen it sketched out...)