This was quite an apt play, the story of women in ancient Greece becoming tired of their men constantly fighting each other so they refuse sex until they sign a peace treaty. With all the war at the time it seemed like a plan, but too be fair it is probably down to people starting these wars not getting any action in the first place.

Core Theatre Productions

A play based on Celtic legend of Selkies, people who when in the sea become seals, and when on dry land shed their seal fur and revert to human form. the legend goes, if you can hide their fur, they become yours. But the longer the time spent on land they become distant and forget where they come from (the sea). They end up with families, but eventually they always find the skins and return to the sea leaving their family and human lives behind. With all that in mind I wanted to create a image with the feeling of longing and solitude. This is one of my favorite theatre posters.

Logo created by me.

Core Theatre Productions

A Play based on the dark truth and moral meanings behind fairy tales, which have been watered down and mis-translated over the years.

Core Theatre Productions

This is my homage to Saul Bass, in my eyes one of the great illustrators of the last century. The subject mater just screamed 'Anatomy of Murder' & 'Man With The Golden Arm'. I find sometimes it's a pity to have to add so much text, but it is the point of the poster in the first place.

Core Theatre Productions

Paul Kidby (Terry Pratchetts Illustrator) kindly allowed us to use this image for free so we could promote this play.

Core Theatre Productions

Given nothing except a title, this is what you get. It turns out this image worked really well with the subject matter of the play.

Paradise Left 2008

 A comedy based on the story of Adam & Eve. It revolved around Adams less talked about first wife Lilith.
Macbeth 2010

The Bard's classic tale of a man's rise and fall. I wanted something different and suggestive for this poster, there are too many cliche's with this play so I went cinematic & simple.
Timing 2011

Timing is Alastair McGowan's first stage play based around an awkward meeting of two ex's at a job in a recording studio, It dealt with couples and the choices they make and how those choices impact on relationships.

I wanted the publicity to be told from both sides, the male side in blue & the female side in pink. The poster represents periods of time in a individuals life.
The Persistence of Memory 2011

A play based on the cruelty of Alzheimer's, and in this case it afflicts the brilliant mind of a professor trying to finish his opus before he is unable to write or understand words.

Devils Night 2011

A night of story telling, ghost stories & the macabre.

I based the idea on a witches book, or some other otherworldly tome. embossed leather and gold leaf to make it feel old.
The Crucible 2012

Classic tale of blame, murder & witchcraft. Miller's play has so much resonance now as it did 60 years ago.

I wanted to produce something different from all the other crucible posters that exist already, and i wanted something dark, that reflected the mood of the play.