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    Greatness or Gluttons for punishment?
We’re all gluttons for punishment.
We strive to do great work in a sea of mediocrity, killing our own ideas before our partners kill more, before the CD kills more, the Account Supervisor killing a few more and the client killing even more, until at the end of the day, if we’re really lucky, we have our one moment of glory. So how do we celebrate having 99.9% of our work killed and being judged by our peers every day? We enter the Addy Awards, so we can have 3 more people come in and judge us again - only this time in front of our community peers.
We worship “GREATNESS” without realizing that it’s not a golden dream, but instead a vicious beast that demands the very best of us and only gives out rewards grudgingly. It takes a special person to want to go through this process daily - and we celebrate the bond of sacrifice we all share.
This was the theme of an awards show I got to chair a few years ago - and to embody "greatness" as the beast we all worship, I created this illustration, which we then used for posters, invitations and other show materials.
This was the original poster concept - each of the "judges awards" winners received a mono-silkscreened poster with a personalized "badge" with their name and category on it. The posters were framed and handed out the night of the show.
Jon Arvizu of trapdoorstudio.com worked with me to do the screen printing. We ended up using some metallic gold inks that really brought some unique flavor to the posters.
Creative Director of the Year Tom Ortega making his acceptance speech.
Jon Arvizu (right), and me (left) presenting Tom with his framed poster.
...And the intro video from the show - edited to Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways - literally the fastest, perfect piece of music to edit to - 2 frame cuts in this one. And best of all - only repeated words were Coke & Coffee. Enjoy.