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    Do you wont become a God? Buy the Evon!!! You can watch television in a mystic way: 9:16!!!

How To Become A God
Who doesn't want to achieve 5 minutes of divinity?
SemiseCedi gives you the opportunity to become a God thanks to EVON®, an extraordinary remote control that let's you to watch your television in 9:16 instead to 16:9.
Yes 9:16! Because what is more divine than the vertical format?
By watching your television in 9:16 you will soon be able to ascend to divinity and experience your God-like potentiality.
Purchase now: 09-87382708734783788832

Directed by St.Tesla
Written by St.Tesla & Davide Fasolo
DoP: Luca Bragagnolo
Camera Operator: Giampiero Nadalutti
Actor: Narcisio Levan
Set Designer: Paolo Rota
Runner: Davide Rota

Thanks to:
La Loggia