Nazca Desert is characterized by its Nazca Lines which constitute one of the greatest mysteries of archeology. They are a set of dozens of geoglyphs (drawings or geometric shapes made on the ground and that are only perceptible through aerial observation) and were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.
Our shelter's proposal is based on two premises, its location on the ground and the relation with surrounding area (Nazca Lines). We decided that it would be more interesting implanting it in one of the highest hills of the desert to be possible to observe some drawings present on soil, even because the users of the space are researchers and explorers. The chosen place was the hill where astronaut geoglyph is present, which standing on this hill opens us a whole range of drawings and lines of possible observation, and it was from the planning and assembly of these lines that came up the shape of our shelter, assuming itself suspended, naked, free and authentic, able to host a rest zone and an area to work.
model | 1:25 scale
1st floor plan | 1:200 scale                                                     2nd floor plan | 1:200 scale
cross section | 1:200 scale