Aspen Dreams
Every fall I venture into the woods chasing the fall color of the aspens. September and October are my favorite months of the year. It sets me into a new mood. A mood of cooling and calming. After the heat of summer comes the cooling. It is a time to reflect on the year, where I have been where I want to go. There is something very calming about having a walk in the woods. When the air is crisp, the leaves are quaking with the gentle breeze and the shadows become long on the horizon. The quality of light seems to change as well, but I think this has more to do with my mood than anything physical. 
I have been working on this body of work for 4 years now. I feel fortunate to have added a new dimension to it this year. This is by no means complete, but I thought it was finally at a point to where I can tell where it is heading. A point where you could imagine the direction that this is going. Hopefully next year I will be able to add more to this.
Shot in Colorado and Wyoming.