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    The gastronomic theater
The gastronomic theater

Masbery is a Paris-based catering brand whose ambition is to stimulate the gourmet nature inside each and every one of us. To achieve this goal, it concentrates on creating surprising new products by reinventing existing standards and adding a secret ingredient to raise our curiosity, every time. Sharing is an aspect that the brand holds close to its heart,  and with each performance, the gastronomic theater comes to life as the chef interacts with guests.

We have taken advantage of this desire to surprise by developing an identity based on an enigmatic symbol – the lynx – mysterious and full of secrets. We have turned Masbery into a sensory brand through placing the spotlight on delicate subtleties and personal experiences, encouraging interest and curiosity. The mix of sober colors and threads conveys the idea of discovering flavors, chapter after chapter, until the final curtain.